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It has its own reception and has direct access from the Main Hall, there is multilingual staff in all of our reception to take care of the patients coming for medical tourism.

The Theatre Unit is situated on the second floor and consists of 4 operating theatres: a Delivery Room with two Labour Rooms, an Endoscopic Procedure Room and a Day Care Unit.

2) A line parallel with the ground drawn around the gaskin on the hind legs. The approximate size of the photographs should be approximately 4”x 6”; J. Any person who knowingly signs a reg­istration or transfer that has been altered, does not represent a true transaction, or which contains any material misrepresentation, may be subject to disciplinary 51 2011 Handbook procedures. Applicants are responsible for knowledge of all registration rules and regula­tions. Registration of a horse with the PHBA is based and predicated upon agree­ment, acceptance and consent of the applicant that the final decision on all reg­istrations matters and the final interpretation of all rules contained from time to time in this rulebook shall be made by the Executive Board or an authorized committee thereof and that the decisions and interpretations of the Executive Board or authorized committee shall be binding on all parties; B. If such recognition is not to be permitted, or is to be limited otherwise, the joint owners or partnership shall file with PHBA a written agreement to that effect specifying horse’s name and registration number and signed by all such joint owners or all partners; B.

Palomino Horses may be eligible for registration provided the white mark­ings and pink skin underlying the white markings do not extend beyond the lines described as follows: 1) A line parallel with the ground drawn around the front leg at the point of the elbow. Photographs should be either 35 mm, computer generated or digital. Self developing photographs such as polaroids are not recommended; I. Additionally, PHBA shall recognize the signature of any partner when a partnership is a recorded owner.

The horse owner can pay a non member fee instead of a membership; E. Exception to height limits will be made for those horses that hold registration papers from a PHBA recognized breed association. Authorization of agent may be canceled by written notification signed by record of owner or record lessee. Correction of a registration certifi­cate will be done at no charge within thirty (30) days of issue. Correction of an original PHBA registration certificate may be documented by a photocopy front and back of the corrected recognized breed association certificate of registration and/or photographs; B. Requests for a duplicate of a lost or stolen certificate shall be accompanied by an affidavit (notarize) form which can be obtained at no charge from PHBA. Said affidavit shall state reason for duplicate, and shall be completed in its entirety and forwarded to PHBA along with appropriate fees, at which time a new certificate shall be issued; B. When the owner of any registered animal disposes of that animal without papers, the owner shall notify PHBA of the fact and surren­der the appropriate registration certificate to PHBA for proper notation. Should an animal registered with PHBA develop characteristics that would deem the horse ineligible for registration (i.e. Upon the death of a registered horse, the certificate of registration shall be surrendered to PHBA within ninety (90) days from the date of death for cancellation and notation in the PHBA records. EXCEPTION: The PHBA Executive Board may select from the membership or any other person may be selected as an inspector. Neither shall s/he inspect a horse sired by a stallion or produced by a mare owned by him/her or in his/her charge, regardless of the ownership of the dam at the time of foaling. The new horse owner or owners (buyers) must have a current membership(s) in PHBA before they transfer a horse; B. In case a transfer is requested to be cancelled, the original application, original certificate of registration and supporting documentation will become the property of PHBA. A properly completed transfer of ownership would automatically terminate the lease.

Only Palomino horses meeting the color, conformation, breeding and other requirements hereinafter specified may be registered with PHBA. If the name of the owner or owners is not the same as that recorded on the recognized breed association’s registration certificate, PHBA may require the owner or owners to provide satisfactory proof of ownership; D. The horse must be between fourteen (14) and seventeen (17) hands when fully matured and must show no pony or draft horse characteristics. The following body color traits are not acceptable: 1) A brown or black dorsal stripe along the spine; 2) Alternating bands of lighter and darker hairs running around the legs (zebra stripes) or across the withers (wither or neck stripes); 3) This includes spotting and or coat characteristics typical of paints, pin­tos, appaloosas and cremellos or perlinos; 4) White hairs interspersed within the coat associated with grey. In the event there was not formal probate of the estate and affidavit of heirship forms are available from PHBA at no charge; E. PHBA will maintain a current list of approved inspectors. It shall be the responsibility of each APA to annually submit to PHBA, on or before December 20th of the current year, a list of those persons who have been or desire to be inspectors in the state where there is an APA. Inspectors shall not be approved by PHBA unless they have received APA approval. Inspectors shall not inspect for registration eligibility any horse(s) owned, bred, or sold by him/her. Half of the transfer fee accompanying a copy of the application shall be returned to the applicant(s), providing all fees have been paid. The notice shall provide the effective date, termination date, and shall be signed by the lessor and lessee.

3) A line around the horse’s neck immediately behind the poll and through the midpoint of the throat latch; 4) Within an area described as cumulative four inch spot on either side of the ventral midline, beginning at the point midway between the front legs and extending to, and including the sheath and udder; 5) Additionally, there is allowed areas of white marking with underlying light skin, such that it can be completely covered with a disk four inch in diameter, either free standing, or being a portion of white marking extending past the above prescribed lines. When a registration application shows the horse to be registered which has white markings beyond the prescribed lines, excessive white markings or white spot or spots, pictures of the horse shall be required and the horse may be inspected before its eligibility is determined and the application is processed. The registration certificate of any horse having white markings beyond the prescribed lines, excessive white markings, or spot(s) may be subject to can­cellation where the registration application fails to indicate or misrepresents the horse’s actual markings. Once registered, should a horse develop such marking conditions, the reg­istration may be revoked. All photographs should be labeled on the back with the horse’s name, sex, foal date and dam’s and sire’s name. Registration eligibility for all horses is predicated on information supplied and forwarded to the PHBA on official application forms and from required photographs or other documentation. PHBA expressly reserves the right to order any of, but not limited to, the following: inspection, photographs, documents, specimen, veteri­narian statements of spaying or gelding, substance, or methods through genetic testing via PHBA recognized laboratories of any horse currently registered by the Association or any horse making application for registration to the Association to ensure conformance with the rules and regulations as set forth in the Official Handbook of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America. When written authorization (on a form furnished by PHBA upon request) has been filed with PHBA, the Association will accept the signature of such authorized individual as sufficient to complete the recording of the transfer or registration.

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