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If you are single and looking, if you are fed up with dishonest, unprofessional and "fishy" agencies - give us a try and you will see why our clients recommend "Mordinson" to their friends. It is a family owned and operated Ukrainian women and Russian women marriage agency and personalized Match Making service located in Kharkov/Ukraine.

All our female clients are single and attractive Ukrainian women from Kharkov (Kharkiv), a girl can only become a member after she personally comes to our marriage agency's office in Kharkov (you can see our office's entrance in the picture below).

While walking in Kharkov you can meet a variety of young Ukrainian ladies who are simple and at the same time simply gorgeous and while seeing this kind of mixture you are staying very much surprised when you see that they are family oriented also, and while having all this complex of wonderful features of character they are also able to lead a conversation based on all the possible themes.

Of course you realize that this girl from Kharkov is a perfect applicant for the role of your future wife or for the role of the future mother of your children, not to mention that those are exactly the features of character that you would like to pass to the future generations that you will create.

We meet and interview EVERY Ukrainian woman who wants to join our agency.

We don't have thousands of profiles of Ukrainian women, because we are more interested in quality and real women, every woman who is in the gallery of the ladies is currently interested in finding the right man.

3/4 century ago it lost its status of the capital of Ukraine (Soviet Ukraine) but it did not lose its beauty.

We can help you meet attractive and family oriented Ukrainian women from Kharkov who are open to an idea of moving abroad.

I am sure I could have picked a better time, but the troubles in Eastern Ukraine didn't flare up until a few days after I purchased my ticket.

I do have insurance that I can use to cancel my trip for any reason(beyond the covered ones) and at least get 75% of my ticket cost back.

In Kharkov there are thirteen famous universities, and a lot of highest educational centers, what does it mean when it comes to meeting the women from Kharkov in person?

While discussing this theme we should mention those women are very intelligent.

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Kharkov's industry also includes food and tobacco processing, printing, and the manufacture of chemicals.

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