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An insider familiar with the situation says the actor pays more than 0,000 per year in child support and is not trying to reduce that amount.

“He’s never missed one penny of his alimony or support payments,” says the insider, who adds the divorce agreement specifies that if his income hits a certain threshold he has the right to modify his alimony payments.

Brendan Fraser made the move to plead ‘poverty’ in an attempt to reduce his alimony costs recently because he is concerned about his future earnings following a freak accident, Radar is exclusively reporting.

The Mummy star, who has requested that his annual 0,000 alimony payment to ex-wife Afton Smith be slashed, wrecked his back while trying to free a tree that fell on his Connecticut home when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.

If he was just hanging around the Egyptian wing, all bandaged and zombie horde-leading, things are still iffy.

In fact, she developed nervous tics while spending nights alone.

"I'd relapse so bad into my skin picking addiction that I'd wake up the next morning with my face looking like a pepperoni pizza," she writes. I never had armpits that looked like vaginal labia when I was thirty." She hasn't given up on love.

He has not attempted to modify his child support payments.

PHOTOS: The Costliest Celebrity Divorces Following the severe injury, which required months of rehabilitation in a Beverly Hills clinic, Brendan, 44, was advised by doctors not to perform his own stunts in future movies, which could drastically affect his pay packet.

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“In his efforts to clear up after the storm, Brendon grabbed his chainsaw and tried to cut the fallen tree free.

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