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I haven’t posted, mostly because it’s been one of the most important summers of my life, but mostly because I’ve been running two different crowdfunders for two different companies.

The one for my Parisian business ends in a few hours, and I would love your patronage, should you be so kind to donate.

Here Shannon Abbot drops a load of truth and we can’t help but laugh!

(NOTE: this is from our Exec Producer Adryenn Ashley’s Crowded TV Page, they are how we got our show made so how about giving them a …

That means I’m doing what I wanted to do: sharing things that matter to me and to others.

The first rule of Book Club is: you do not talk about Book Club.

Shared Lingo brings the same experience that Shared Talk did by using modern web technologies.

Included as a bonus was a promotional brochure from a theatrical book club dating from when the play was first published in the acting edition.

Great pictures and excerpts from reviews of the first Broadway production.

Her brand is a blend of tech/social/celebrity with a little philanthropy thrown in for good measure.

Add to her personality a treasure trove of high tech skills, a few dozen awards in the entertainment industry, and you have a combination that understands the pulse of the industry and how to adapt to the ever changing landscape.

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Unfortunately, it was shut down by its owners in 2015 without any visible reason.

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