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If you use Tinder, you can take advantage of a new locator feature to find free places to get tested.

If you don’t want to become pregnant but you might have sex, make sure you are using a method of birth control that works for you.

On the first drift that bait yielded a sailfish; it was a great start to a day that ultimately produced a few kingfish, blackfin tuna and a dolphin.

Whether you are fishing a hardtail, menhaden, pinfish, goggle-eye, pilchard or herring, “nostril hooking” restricts less of their natural action.

This is ideal for surface live-baiting, such as when drifting offshore, around bait schools, and through inlets and passes for surface-oriented fish.

Around 88 percent of undergrad men have no clue that HPV's risks (and solutions) apply to their gender.D., tells, and you've got a few more explanations for why the HPV vaccine hasn't worked its way into frat house hazing rituals just yet. But you get the point.) Still, around 9,000 guys contract HPV each year, according to an estimate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.And while men are less likely than women to get the cancerous brunt of HPV's strains, they can easily pass on the infection to pretty much anyone they go down on, make out with, or decide to have sex with sans condom.Here's why that's a major dilemma: Because researchers linked HPV to cervical cancer back in the '80s, the virus has long been considered a women's health-care issue alone.Add that there isn't (yet) an effective, routine way to test men for HPV the fact that men rarely show symptoms if they carry it, urologist Philip Werthman, M.

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