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Jumpy Jump Land is closed in June and July to allow our roommates to come in and sell fireworks. Our Open Jump is for children of all ages who want to feel the freedom of jumping for no reason.

Moreover, this apparently happens with the 1.01 or Day One patch installed.We were procrastinating whether to get her a smart phone until we come across a catchy theme from JUMPY Plus smart watch – smart watch!From a parent’s personal view, these are the 5 reasons why you should get one for your child: Children have different personalities and preferences. With four distinctive colours (Blue, Red, Yellow & Green) to choose from, your kid is going to be spoiled for choices!It would be bad enough if this happens once or twice, but is happening every few minutes. Ubisoft used to be an awesome publisher where the name stood for quality. No stutters whatsoever in the opening sequence and certainly not in the cut scene.It doesn't even matter what happens on screen, this stutters appear even in menus!!! Now I have two games within a few days that I'd like to love but who are in an awful technical state which renders them both unplayable. I will not buy any Ubisoft game on day one for a long time. Hello, I haven't seen many reports of this; however, I advise you to contact Ubisoft Support about it so they can troubleshoot it with you.

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