3ds updating please wait

i'll run tests tomorrow after work and see what i can come up with.

i guess worst case we can just drop a kernel exploit.' Here's a tweet from nedwill: ' Fasthax is dead, long live soundhax! At this point it is mostly speculation until we know more.

The answer is r4i gold 3ds card from is your best choice.

If you still do not know what is r4i gold 3ds card, let me tell tell you: Except for Supper DS Two card, R4i gold 3ds card can be said to be the most powerful card, it use the wood firmware which always update frequently,always compatible with much newest ds games like “lernen mit pokemon”,”cooking mama world” ect..

As it is now getting very close, we might have to delay the Emunand latest Nintendo firmware support by a couple of weeks max.

As indicated before, we are working really hard to release as soon as possible our new major update that will once again revolutionize the (N)3DS scene.

Below list out system compatibility for R4i Gold 3DS with different games icons.

Please do check which version your r4i card supports before updating your console.

looks like hax payload fix for 11.3 will be more involved than usual, so i RECOMMEND homebrew users NOT UPDATE until we can tell what's up.

so for what it's worth it looks like nintendo might be targetting the homebrew launcher itself in 11.3 and trying to block it out entirely.

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